Finally get those tutorial videos off your "to do" list.

We create your software or app tutorial videos so you can keep your customers happy and productive

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How does the process work? 

Step 1 - Video Conference Call 

We connect with you over a video-conference call and you walk us through the most important features of your software or application. The call is recorded so we can refer to it later on. 

Step2: Script Creation

We take the information and direction from our initial call and write a script for your training videos. Each script contains the voiceover script and the on-screen instructions and actions.  

Step 3: Video Creation

After you approve the script, we get to work and create your videos. That includes recording the voiceover, screencast, logo animation, zooms/highlights, and any other special elements. Your videos are delivered in full HD, ready to add to your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or anywhere else you want to share them!

Examples Of Our Work

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